Welcome to rdhox.io!
I am a developer since 2011 and a freelancer since 2018. I started as a backend/application developer using C#, Java, PHP with the framework Symfony until I caught the JavaScript fever with node.js. Since, I evolved toward frontend and mobile development using React.js and all the ecosystem that born around it. I find the JAMStack way to be the right direction to take in web development and continue to work hard to improve my coding skills. I’m also using the Serverless framework for quickly build api with lambda functions and more generally I like to use AWS services like AppSync, S3, DynamoDb. Amplify, even still in development, promise to be a great way to build apps.

I develop some open source projects during my free time that you can see on my github. My activity depends on the periods, sometimes I’m too busy to be a good Open Sourcer!