Some news, to explain to lack of news (sensitive content inside)

I haven’t been active on this blog the last 2 months, unfortunately it is not because I spent the summer on an island, lying down on a beach far from technology. I injured my right wrist last April during a boxing training session, and at first I thought it was just a little bruise and I continued to use my hand normally for a few months. But with time it started to hurt more and more and I finally passed some exams and the result was that my scapholunate ligament was destroyed (plus other stuff with complicated names that I don’t remember). The result was a surgery with immobilization and now even though my wrist is still immobilized, I can move my fingers and type on a keyboard.

Hand Injury

I’ve been keeping busy anyway, reading some books that was on my list for a long time, starting a Meetup on Javascript Front-end and Serverless solutions in my little town (that I have to figure out what to do with it now), and of course following all the news about React and front-end techs. I have some ideas for articles to write, so I should be more active now.

Thanks for reading!

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